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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Homemade Girl Scout Do-Si-Dos

Rumbly in my Tumbly has moved!

To be directed to this recipe on my new site, please click the link below.  Sorry for the inconvenience!



Anonymous said...

Sound amazing.. and creamier than the Girl Scout ones..haha!

Shannon said...

They are! I hope you get a chance to try them out! Thanks for visiting. :)

Terry said...

These are my fav girl scout cookies!

Shannon said...

I hope you will get a chance to try them! They are yummy!

Leaning on Grace said...

These are not my favorite girl scout cookie but I made them because my daughter is a gs and I am not OK with asking people we love (or even strangers, for that matter) to buy the chemical laden cookies that gs allows. So instead, we asked for cash donations for her troop and then we made homemade gs cookies as a thank you. I wanted a few different kinds so I used this to round out the selection. And as it turns out, these actually ARE one of my favorite gs cookies...when they are real food! These are delicious. Just the right sweetness. I made mine with all whole wheat flour and organic sugar (which has a slightly molasses flavor because it is less processed). I even just blended that sugar to make powdered sugar. They were wonderful! I did one batch with about half butter and half coconut oil and they also were great (I can't tell the difference). This is a keeper!!!

Oh, and I didn't roll out the dough. I used my small scoop from Pampered Chef and didn't fill it completely full, and they were a great size. And the balls were already shaped, I just patted them down with my finger before baking! Thanks again!

Shannon said...

Leaning on Grace- So glad these worked out so well for you. Thanks for the comment and for visiting!

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